Four Tips To Help You Maintain Optimal Water Quality For Your Pool All Season

If you have your own pool, keeping the water clean can be a daunting task. You have to add chlorine to the water regularly, test it, and balance it. Keeping chlorine levels just right will help to prevent problems like cloudy water or algae growth. It will also help to keep bacteria out of your pool and ensure the water is safe for swimming. Here are some tips to help you maintain the water quality in your pool all season:

1. Using Granule Chlorine To Keep Levels Just Right

There are many different types of chlorine. Granule chlorine is a powder form of chlorine that you dissolve and add to the water. Using this chlorine will help to ensure that the chlorine levels in your pool are always optimal. If you use this chlorine, you will need to test water several times a week and add chlorine, but you will be able to maintain perfect chlorine levels.

2. Dispensers To Ensure Your Pool Always Has Chlorine

Granule chlorine has the problem of degrading quickly. To address this problem, use a chlorine dispenser with tablets when you are not able to do maintenance or are away. You can use a floating dispenser and leave it in the pool when it is not in use. Inline dispensers can also be used, which are connected to pool equipment and dispense chlorine directly into the pool, reducing maintenance.

3. Shock Your Pool Often And When It Is Needed

Even if you maintain the water in your pool, it is always important to shock the pool when needed. This should be done when you open your pool and after heavy use. If you get heavy rains and storms, it is also important to shock the pool. This will raise the level of chlorine in a pool and kill off any bacteria and other organisms.

4. Using Algaecide And Balancing The PH Of Water

Algaecide is also important, which will help kill fungus. Add these products after shocking your pool to ensure algae does not grow. You will also want to check PH levels of your pool, which need to be at the right levels to ensure chlorine is active. This should be done after adding chemicals to your pool and regularly during regular maintenance.

These are some tips that can help you to maintain water quality in your pool all season long. If you need help with your pool, contact a pool service to get everything you need to keep your pool in perfect condition until it is time for closing.

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