Three Ways To Keep Your Pool Water Toasty Warm

If you hate getting into a cold pool when you want to relax, considering heating it. For many years the only way to heat cold pool water was to have a heating element installed directly into the pool to warm the water. The heater would be very expensive and require specific maintenance in order to work properly. Fortunately, new developments have made it possible for people to heat their pool using the warm rays of the sun. The following guide walks you through three great heating options to try for your pool.

Solar Cover

A solar cover is a long solar film that you pull across the entire length of your pool. The cover sits directly onto the top of the water to provide maximum warmth to the water. The cover can be quite large and hard to handle on your own though. There are spools that are available to allow you to easily roll up the cover when you do not want to use it to make putting it away a little bit easier though.

Solar Pad

Solar pads are small pads that warm the pool by attracting sunlight to it. The pads are roughly the size of an inflatable that you would use in the pool and are very lightweight. These types of heaters are ideal for someone who has an above ground pool or a small in-ground pool because they can heat small amounts of water very quickly.

Solar Hose

A solar hose can be a great way to heat the water in your pool because you do not have to remove it when people want to swim and play in the pool. There is a small device that connects to your pool inlet valve that allows you to connect a hose to it. The inlet valve is the part of the pool that squirts water into the pool. The water will shoot up into the hose instead of directly into the pool, once the device is connected. The hose is then laid flat on the pool deck around the edges of the pool so that the water will be heated as it goes through the hot hose. The need of the hose is placed inside of the pool so the hot water can spray back into the pool.

All of these types of heaters are very easy to use and will keep your pool from getting cold overnight. Simply replace the heater when you are not going to be using the pool to keep the water warm and comfortable for the next time that you want to go for a swim. For more information, talk to a swimming pool service.