What To Know About Pool Opening Services

Clear skies and warm afternoons are the harbingers of spring. For pool owners, this is the time they've waited all fall and winter for. Unfortunately, getting pools back in tip-top shape can take a lot of work which is why hiring pool contractors is an excellent idea for the commercial or even average pool owner. 

Pool opening services often include: efficient removal of pool cover, installation of handrails, diving board, ladders, upkeep of pool pumps and filters, and a start up of the pool system. Of course, contracts are customizable depending on what amenities your pool may have. Prices for the pool opening service generally range between $200–300 which is quite the deal considering how many hours it saves in the long run.

Of course there are some responsibilities for the pool owner to uphold before services can be rendered. Most pool contractors deem it the owner's responsibility to clear the pool cover of leaves and water as well as making sure that the premises are accessible to the technicians at the scheduled time. Making sure that proper electricity and water flow is accessible to the technicians for the duration of the service is also expected of the pool owner. It is important to note that if the owner is unable to follow through on these tasks that the contractor will charge a travel fee despite incomplete services. 

 After completing these simple tasks, the pool technicians can start making your pool practicable and beautiful again. The technicians will make sure to test your heaters, lights, and other items in the pool to make sure that everything is working smoothly and is in good form.  If they run into a problem they will notify you of the dangers as well as the cost and fix the issue right there, if you so wish.  If the concern is a worn ladder or handrail they may even refer you to a reputable pool business in your area that you can buy from.

If you find that you enjoyed the service of your pool provider, you should think of making a yearly contract with them. This way you will be able to save money for each pool opening and closing you might want. After the service is rendered you can rest easy knowing that your pool is safe for your friends and family to enjoy during the long summer months to come. By getting a pool opening service like Splash Swimming Pools, you can enjoy all of the rest and relaxation without any of the stress that comes with pool ownership.