Beyond Chemical Treatment: Three Tips For A Cleaner Hot Tub

Does your hot tub water seem to get dirty and gross, even though you're vigilant about testing and adding chemical treatments? While testing and adding chemicals is important, there are some other steps you can take to keep your hot tub cleaner.

Wipe off the sides.

When your hot tub sits unused for a few days, any gunk in the water has a tendency to gravitate towards the sides of the tub and become stuck on. When you enter the tub again, your body brushes against this grime, kicking it back into the water. While the filter system will remove it, this takes some time -- and the water might stay feeling a bit scummy while you're actually in there. You can keep your hot tub cleaner by taking a plain cloth and wiping down the edges of the tub a few hours before you plan on using it. Just reach in there, and rub the cloth over every surface. A lot of grime will stick to the cloth, and the filter will have time to remove any grime you've loosened before you actually get in the tub.

Drain and refill.

As water keeps evaporating from the hot tub, the concentration of minerals grow because these don't evaporate. You add more minerals every time you top up the water. A high concentration of minerals in the hot tub makes it harder for your chemicals (chlorine or bromine) to do their job, so your tub stays dirtier. Every couple of months, drain the hot tub and replace all of the water. This will reset your mineral levels, so your chemicals can be as effective as possible. While the tub is empty, make sure you give it a good scrub before filling it again.

Don't wear lotions or cosmetics in the hot tub.

The warm temperature of the hot tub causes lotions and other cosmetics to "melt" off your skin and into the water. They leave a greasy residue that not only makes the water feel dirty, but also attracts and sticks to other debris. Get into the habit of taking a quick shower to remove your cosmetics before you enter the hot tub. Advise any friends who use your hot tub to do the same. It will be worth the effort when your water stays clean and fresh.

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