Purchase A Custom Spa For Your Home Or Property

Hot water, pulsating jets, and soft lighting can be all part of each therapeutic spa session that you participate in after purchasing a custom hot tub. If you are considering this type of investment, choose a chlorine and chemical or natural-mineral treated water feature that is designed and set up exactly as you prefer.

Choose A Spa Location, Size, Style, And Color

The location that you choose for the spa installation will help you choose a size and style for the water feature. Portable hot tubs are often set up indoors and can be used in confined areas, but a portable spa can also be placed outdoors. Heavier models that are larger in size are best for flat surfaces, such as on a deck or patio.

If you are going to be the sole person using your spa, choose a model that doesn't support as many seats as a larger model. Additional seating areas are always a good option, however, in case you ever want to entertain guests. Choose a wood or laminate casing for your spa and an interior color for the spa's base and seating area. 

Select A Standard Or Deluxe Package

A standard spa package will provide you with the basics needed to use your spa, but a deluxe package may contain additional niceties, such as a cover, cleaning products, exterior and interior lighting, steps, and a skimmer. To determine how much a particular package will cost, use an online tool that a spa distributor offers or stop by a retailer in person so that you can see firsthand what some of the spa styles look like and what they include.

If you choose to go with a standard package, you will always have the luxury of choosing additional accessories at a later date. This may be the best option for you if you are more concerned about owning a spa first and don't have a lot of extra money to sink into the water feature for the time being. 

Learn About The Water Treatment Options

Chlorine and chemical tablets are usually used to treat water inside of a spa. This is a standard cleansing method that eliminates germs and ensures that the water is deemed safe for soaking. A natural mineral treatment option is also available. This type of treatment involves inserting a cartridge into a spa to filter out toxins.

Either cleaning method is equally effective and the only difference is the amount of time that it takes to treat the water. If you choose to treat the water with chlorine and chemical tablets, you will need to follow a schedule and avoid using the spa during each water treatment session. If you choose a natural mineral cartridge method, you won't need to worry about completing any steps, other than replacing the cartridge every few months.