3 Important Considerations When Putting a Pool in Your Backyard

Having your very own pool is a dream unlike any other. Picture being able to swim whenever and however you like. If you’re hoping to take on a pool project in your backyard, you’ll want to keep these considerations in mind.  Design  How your pool looks and functions is dependent on the overall design it has. There are two predominant options: in-ground and aboveground. With an in-ground pool, you can get a little more creative.

Purchase A Custom Spa For Your Home Or Property

Hot water, pulsating jets, and soft lighting can be all part of each therapeutic spa session that you participate in after purchasing a custom hot tub. If you are considering this type of investment, choose a chlorine and chemical or natural-mineral treated water feature that is designed and set up exactly as you prefer. Choose A Spa Location, Size, Style, And Color The location that you choose for the spa installation will help you choose a size and style for the water feature.

Have Cracks In Your Pool And Want To Fix Them? Here's How

A swimming pool can be a source of fun and relaxation for your family, but over time, it will require some maintenance work. For example, you might start to see cracks forming along the sides and bottom of the pool; taking care of them while they aren’t that big might help you prevent you from more costly repairs down the road. Here are some steps you’ll need to take in order to fill concrete pool cracks.

How Is A Fiberglass Pool Installed?

A fiberglass pool is molded in the factory and installed into an excavated hole by experts.  If you want a pool within the shortest time possible, then this is an ideal option. Furthermore, fiberglass has a superfine gel coat finish that is not only durable but also stain resistant. Another advantage associated with fiberglass pools is that they are non porous, which means they harbor lesser algae compared to their concrete counterparts.

Answering Common Saltwater Swimming Pool Myths

Owning a swimming pool can dramatically increase the value of your home while also providing you with an almost endless source of entertainment. However, many homeowners may not be particularly informed about the differences between saltwater and freshwater pools, which can make it difficult for them to determine which option is best for their needs. For these individuals, learning the following answers for common questions about saltwater swimming pools can help to clarify this topic.

Get Your Pool Ready For Spring

As winter winds down to a close, it is time to get your pool ready for spring. Here are the first five steps you need to take to get your pool ready for your first spring swim. #1 Start On The Outside The first thing you should do is start on the outside of your pool. Clean up any leaves and debris around your pool that could potentially blow into your pool or get tracked into the pool when you take the cover off.

Two Tips For Preparing Your Pool For Winter

The winter months can bring a number of problems for your pool, and if you fail to properly winterize it, there is a strong chance that it can suffer extensive damage during these cold months. Unfortunately, it can be common for homeowners to be unaware of the steps for winterizing swimming pools. To help ensure that you avoid making mistakes that can cause damage to the pool, you should make sure to use these two tips to prepare your pool.

Tips For Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

If you have a pool or a deck, you likely have outdoor furniture on it in order to be certain that people can spend time enjoying it. You might spend a great deal of money on comfortable outdoor furniture. Here are some tips to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. 1. Drain Any Water From Legs or Other Tubes If the weather starts to get cold, you will know that you need to take special care of your furniture.

Four Tips For Improving Pool Safety

A backyard pool provides many hours of summer enjoyment, whether you use it for splashing around with the kids or as a means of staying in shape. Your first goal should always be safety, though. Pools can be a tempting place for neighborhood children, so it’s vital to put in some safety feature even if there are no kids in your home. Other safety features are a must for kids and adults alike.

Beyond Chemical Treatment: Three Tips For A Cleaner Hot Tub

Does your hot tub water seem to get dirty and gross, even though you’re vigilant about testing and adding chemical treatments? While testing and adding chemicals is important, there are some other steps you can take to keep your hot tub cleaner. Wipe off the sides. When your hot tub sits unused for a few days, any gunk in the water has a tendency to gravitate towards the sides of the tub and become stuck on.

3 Important Things To Consider For Pool Renovation

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, keeping it up to date and useable is important, especially if you want to sell your home in the near future. A well-kept pool is going to keep the cost of your home high instead of decreasing its value. At some point, you may want to consider a pool renovation. Older swimming pools appear outdated and are not going to add to the value of your home.

What To Know About Pool Opening Services

Clear skies and warm afternoons are the harbingers of spring. For pool owners, this is the time they’ve waited all fall and winter for. Unfortunately, getting pools back in tip-top shape can take a lot of work which is why hiring pool contractors is an excellent idea for the commercial or even average pool owner.  Pool opening services often include: efficient removal of pool cover, installation of handrails, diving board, ladders, upkeep of pool pumps and filters, and a start up of the pool system.

Three Ways To Keep Your Pool Water Toasty Warm

If you hate getting into a cold pool when you want to relax, considering heating it. For many years the only way to heat cold pool water was to have a heating element installed directly into the pool to warm the water. The heater would be very expensive and require specific maintenance in order to work properly. Fortunately, new developments have made it possible for people to heat their pool using the warm rays of the sun.

Three Reasons Why Your Pool May Be Losing Water

If you look at your pool and start to notice that the water level is diminishing very quickly, there are a few things that could be causing the problem. It is important to call a swimming pool repair company right away. The company can determine what exactly is wrong with the pool and repair it as quickly as possible so that you lose as little water as possible. The following guide walks you through a few things that may be causing your pool to lose water.

How To Repair And Replace A Swimming Pool Liner

Swimming pool liners aren’t meant to last forever. Depending on the brand, thickness, wear and tear of your liner, weather and how well you maintain it, if your liner lasts you ten years you are lucky. Pool liners aren’t cheap, so you definitely want it to last as long as possible. When the inevitable happens, and patches just won’t repair your pool any longer, replacing your liner can be done by yourself, or left to a professional company.

Four Tips To Help You Maintain Optimal Water Quality For Your Pool All Season

If you have your own pool, keeping the water clean can be a daunting task. You have to add chlorine to the water regularly, test it, and balance it. Keeping chlorine levels just right will help to prevent problems like cloudy water or algae growth. It will also help to keep bacteria out of your pool and ensure the water is safe for swimming. Here are some tips to help you maintain the water quality in your pool all season: